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Wilderness Challenge Fall 2010

posted 22 Sept 2010, 07:41 by Michael Crivici   [ updated 22 Sept 2010, 07:50 ]

September 24th, 25th & 26th - Wilderness Challenge Manitoba was established in 2002 as a replacement for Eastwinn which brings groups together in the fall to do a series of activites over a day. Thought of as a great opportunity to promote Scouting and sustain membership Wilderness Challenge was created from the beginning keeping new members of scouting in mind, and trying to show them what Scouting is all about while providing a great time for long time and returning members.

How, 7 years later Wilderness Challenge has grown into a camp with over 300 Cubs, Scouts, Pathfinders and leaders every year. It has grown in size significantly, and the extra attendence has allowed Scouts Manitoba to create activities that are truly unique that no one has done before. While growing in size they have been able to sustained particpant fees, and over a steady incline over the past 5 years kept the fees per participant still below $10. This allows accessibility for almost every group at the start of the year, when they may not have funding yet to attend a camp.

Camp Amisk has been chosen as the site for this camp due to it's close proximity to the Winnipeg city as well as the excellent facilities for such a camp. The dates of camp are: September 24, 25, 26/2010.